Baby Steps, Big Leaps: Part 1

It’s been a month since I’ve decided to pursue a full-time RV lifestyle.  A month doesn’t seem long, but the time leading up to this decision was.  The idea of having a simple life always appealed to me.  Since I was a child, I never cared much about acquiring “things” or keeping up appearances to rank high in the arbitrary pecking order of life. What I cared about was finding a way to live a creative life and form connections to people in a genuine way.

Ironically, I married and divorced a person who had an opposite set of values than myself.   He didn’t have us keeping up with the Joneses, we were the Joneses!  And he went out of his way to let everyone know it… even if  he had to secretly drain his bank accounts to do it.  I admit that living an upper-middle class farce was fun, but in the end, I simply didn’t care for it.

When my five year marriage broke down, I walked out of my beautiful three bedroom house on the hill.   The 100lb weight around my neck was lifted and I felt alive again!  There was finally possibility in my life and I wasn’t going to rot away in a gilded cage, after all.  My mother called me stupid for walking away.  Of course I did, it was easy because I don’t really value things.  I value experiences.

In the four years I’ve been single, I’ve done a lot of soul searching to rebuild my life: Where did I go wrong in choosing a partner? What type of person is best to accept into my life next time around? What is it that truly makes me happy? How do I want my life to be?   The formal answer to all of the above is that I don’t yet have all the answers, but I have a damn good idea!  By the way, I’ve discovered that nothing beats listening to your gut at every turn.

The concept of vacationing in an RV always appealed to me.  I’d see amusing GoRVing commercials with cute little animals and felt a spark of curiosity and interest that I failed to act on.  Plus, I already had a plan in my head.  It was to stop renting, buy a condo, pay it off in a decade or so and live in security without tons of bills hanging over my head.  That way, I can work less and be free to focus on my beloved art of screenwriting!

This plan, though good and sound for most, had a couple of intrinsic flaws for someone of my unique temperament. For one, I don’t know where I want to settle down because I have a history of moving around A LOT!  Second, this economy has made it very difficult for me to steadily save.  Lastly, I constantly found myself asking if there would be something that comes up (new job, loosing a job, new love, etc.) that would cause me to regret this decision.  You see, I’m at that delicate age for a woman, where screwing up is a lot harder to bounce back from.  It forced me to realize that I wasn’t attracted to traditional home ownership itself, just the freedom of financial security it could possibly give me.

One day last year, I was siting in my studio apartment and came across an U.S. News article online titled, “The Secret to Living Well on $11k a Year”  I was beyond intrigued.  Reading it was one of those tiny, quiet, powerful moments that would change the course of my life.

To Be Continued…

Enjoy this in the meantime!  It’s My Life