Reunion in Rhode Island


Drivin’ on up!

Eunice and I  went on our very first weekend road trip last week!  We went up to visit my Godfather, David who I reconnected with via the power of Facebook.  I haven’t seen him since I was a very young child.  He and his brother moved out to the west coast to pursue a career in bodybuilding.  David has been back in the east coast for an artistic endeavor that’s nearing completion.

As a child, I would occasionally see him in magazines or on television and be so proud to be connected to him in some way even though he was never in my life the way Godfathers were supposed to be.   He was a free-spirited young man living out his dream in L.A. and wasn’t very concerned at that point with fulfilling such a role for a little girl.  It was a great disappointment growing up.

I’m no longer eight years old and since then, had suffered much deeper blows at the hands of family, thus making it easier to put past hurts behind me and reach out to him.  After all, I was still so very intrigued and curious about this distant, mysterious figure that lingered in the background of my life.

I was nervous (something that rarely happens to me anymore), but when I finally saw him, he gave me a warm hug and that feeling quickly went away.  David is definitely what someone would describe as “a character”… charismatic, light-hearted and somewhat eccentric.  People around Providence call him “The Cowboy” because in a sea of conservatively dressed New Englanders, he stands out where ever he goes.

We took his Great Dane out for a long walk and had a good talk about his photography, my plans to venture west, and about the mechanics of life.   He opened his home to me, made me awesome vegan dishes, baked for me, took me out to dinner, took me to the movies… and even made me the subject of an impromptu photo shoot!  David spoiled me rotten the entire weekend.  It was the first time in a very long time that I felt like the center of someone’s attention… almost like a kid!  It was very well needed.


David and his dog Cowboy

After my weekender, I couldn’t help but feel that some sort of karma had been released from this experience, as I felt so much “lighter and brighter”.  It was a rewarding  first trip in which a connection was reestablished.  It makes me wonder what other connections will be made in the time to come…

Side note:  David may seem familiar to many of you (especially those of  you who came of age during the 80’s & 90’s).  That’s because he’s one half of The Barbarian Brothers!

7 thoughts on “Reunion in Rhode Island

      • Please, dear mochagypsy I am from Germany, googeled a pic some guy I met on FB, he is using the complete identity of David Paul (not the name but all his pictues, even the great Dane) and google gave me this result. This is really very spooky and I would like to give further information to David Paul, would you give me a ling to his site , FB or an email adddress, of course it doesnt have to me his private address, somewhere I can just laeve him a note? Since I am german I didnt know his face and David as an actor, so I had no idea. Really weird and sick person doing this. Please I am so glad I found your blog here withi his pic, this guy using his complete identity to hit on women. Thank you, regards Nicole please connect on facebook or hope you get this message

  1. Wow!!! How interesting and exhilarating!! I’m so glad that you made the effort to reconnect, and felt like a queen for the day in the process! Loved reading every word, weird similarity – I had a godfather growing up too who was on his life’s quest for enlightenment and the like and had no time for a girl who’s past time was playing with her cabbage patch kids and my little ponies! I wonder where in the world he is!!?? Lol.. and I’ll end with yum vegan food!!!

    • It was quite the experience, Neiima! I think part of the reason I had such a great time is because I had little to no expectations and was perfectly prepared to turn back around if needed… Thankfully, that was not the case. I would recommend finding and reaching out to your Godfather, if you care to. It will, at the very least, remove the cloud of mystery surrounding him.

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