Gimme Shelter

Picture 8

Old school, one story motor lodge (Bates Style)!

As most of you already know, Nemo, the great blizzard of 2013 has fallen upon us in the Northeast.  Though I had a full tank of propane, gas, and a cupboard of canned goods, I dared not brave the weather with Eunice alone.  God forbid I get trapped inside my rig with the snow so high that it blocks up my exhaust systems, leaving me to choose between suffocating or freezing to death.  How’s about choosing between watching cable T.V. in my bathrobe or downloading shows with free wifi instead?

I went to seek out “traditional shelter” by booking a room at an inn for the weekend.  I stayed at Americas Best Value Inn in Manchester.  I found them through after searching for some place good, clean, cheap, and comfortable… and that they were!  A big added bonus was that the building was situated on top of a high hill, so the snow did not reach as high as the lower, surrounding areas.  It was also super close to the highway and a supermarket, which managed to be opened the day after by putting up employees in the inn next to mine.

Picture 9

Eunice in the beginning of the blizzard

Picture 7

Eunice afterwards

Picture 6Snow to the left of me

Picture 5

Snow to the right

555862_4105890135971_1988121937_nCozy accommodations

Staying at an inn was a fun little break in my routine.  I had my own shower, a plush bed, and more personal space than I knew what to do with.  I almost forgot how time consuming mindlessly flipping through channels could be.  By the second night, I was ready to go… cabin fever was already starting to creep down the back of my collar.  Fortunately, the inn keepers had their plow and maintenance guys on the ready and I was able to leave when I needed to.  There are many in my region who are still stuck in their homes or workplaces as I write this… I feel really lucky.  The main roads in my area are still pretty rough, but drivable and most businesses are closed. Thankfully, not my Dunkin’ Donuts!

Side note: I’ve been getting a few posts on Facebook and on here suggesting that I should move me and my rig to a place with a warmer a climate… Trust, I’m workin’ on it!

16 thoughts on “Gimme Shelter

  1. I admire your preserverence! Just amazing .Your future will work out just grand for you. my phone is giving me fits, sorry, can’t seem to fix spelling. It keeps adding more letters –but you get my meaning ; -)
    good move on the hotel during the worst of the storm.

    • Thank you! I was tempted at first to stick it out, but when my good friend on Facebook posted forecasts of how many feet we would be getting, I tucked my pride away! lol

  2. I am in the mountains of Utah at the moment but (and it’s snowing) just left Westchester County (NY) about 5 days ago. Your blog keeps me interested and aware of some of the potential issues my future could hold. As I keep The Weather Channel on my phone and heard of the impending forecast for that area, I thought to myself … how could I deal with something like a ton of snow? Underground parking for a few days? Certainly not a Walmart parking lot! But, getting a hotel room … well it didn’t ever enter my mind. GREAT idea! A bath tub, a candle lit, steady warmth, maybe the indulgence of watching THE STORM (that your not directly in) on a TV, perhaps hand washing and drying some clothes … and the list goes on, I would presume. BRILLIANT, I say. And thank you so much for the learning curve. Can NOT wait to be *OUT THERE* ! ! !

    • Much obliged, Gretchen! I thought about roughing it out, but quickly decided how foolish (and dangerous) it would be to do so. After all, no one is keeping score. Glad I paved the way for you to take the easy way when the going gets rough! 😉 Let me know how it is in Utah… That state is on my go to list!

  3. Good for you. A little break courtesy of Mother Nature.

    I generally like America’s Best Value Inns. I’ve stayed at a number of them. Notably, out west through the high plains, In Kingsman and Winslow, AZ and two in Brunswick, GA. The one’s out west were wonderful – there’s one in Atlantic, IA that was fantastic and I’ll look for that one again if I’m out that way and decide I need a night off the road. The two in Brunswick, GA – well one was bad and the other one was worse. I was really disappointed. I found that the ownership of the property has a lot to do with how good or bad the property is.

    From your description, you lucked out with your ABVInn. I’ve found my experience to be pretty universal with ABVInns Days Inns, Super 8’s, Motel 6’s and other budget or economy motels as far as quality of the property and ownership.

    Glad you were warm, dry, didn’t suffocate and enjoyed playing the TV surfing game – really reminds you how little of redeeming value there is on TV that’s filling people’s brains, eh?


    • Howdy, Ed! This has been my first experience with ABVinns. I never knew of them before, but I’ll definitely be back! Thanks for your well wishes. I’m glad to be out of the thick of the blizzard and happy to be able to head off to work tomorrow. Well, not really happy to go to work, just happy to be able to! lol Also, I realize that I don’t miss television at all… it really is just a big waste of my time!

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