Pink Slipped!

 pink-slip-blues copy

Last week Wednesday, I got laid off.  I wasn’t especially surprised since Tim*, the COO hired the web marketing services of Mr. Smythe* (a former employee) as a consultant a few months back.   I was to work directly with him as he undertook some of my key responsibilities.

It was the day of my weekly one on one meeting with Tim and he emailed me to meet with him at 11AM instead of 2:30pm.  Moving up meetings at a whim was usual for Tim, so I didn’t think anything of it.  I enthusiastically walked in his office carrying a new poster I designed for our dealership.  Then I noticed the HR Administrator sitting off to the side of his desk.  Tim sprouted up to greet me at the door, which he quickly closed behind me.  “Hey, I have some bad news to tell you”, he said in his usual chipper tone.  He continued behind me before I sat down, “We have to lay you off.  Your position has been terminated.”  I always knew that would be the excuse used if they wanted to fire me since my work reviews were great.

Tim is not your typical COO, or at least, what I think of one to be.  He’s jovial, lighthearted and funny enough to hold his own against any stand up comic.   His composure suddenly changed when he sat across the desk from me.  Tim’s eyes were moist and his voice barely carried over with a less than solid timber.  “With Mr. Smythe here, we just didn’t have enough work for you.  I’m sorry.”, he said as he gave me a soft paternal look with his dark Irish eyes… I remembered that same look when he told me my job would be safe just two months earlier.

In the car business, it’s not only the automobiles that are lean and mean.  It’s good to make and keep money, but is there a line to be crossed when dealing with people? When everything comes down to black and white on a financial report, the facts are cold.  It’s one more thing that makes me realize that having love in one’s life is more important than ever.

I was actually relieved by getting canned because I originally planned to leave my job around this time of year.  However, I was starting to get complacent in my position.  I was relocated out of the Petri Dish and moved into a bright, spacious office with my two favorite co-workers.  More importantly, I have become closer to Beau and wasn’t sure how to go forward with what I wanted to do.   In my comfort, I was going to defer my dream another six months.  Obviously, the universe had other plans.  Funny enough, I secretly wished to be laid off months ago and now it has happened.  Perhaps I inadvertently used the “power of imagination”, as prescribed in Neville Goddard’s Resurrection (which predates The Secret).

My unemployment benefits, though modest, are just enough for me to live on… having no rent has its advantages.  Now, I’m finally free to go full nomad and hit the road!  I have a year to play with, I mean, use constructively… Yeah, that’s it.  Maybe, while I’m looking for another 9 to 5 <SMILE>, I’ll  volunteer** around in order to “enrich” my life as I travel.

Meeting Beau made me think about where I’d like to nest and set up a home base.  Getting a good patch of land to live off the grid appeals to me.  I want to live in a place that is warm year round, feeds my sense of adventure, and has small government ideals.   I have my eye on Texas!

Beau, luckily, also has a gypsy spirit and open to being a full-time RVer.  Coincidentally,  his mother and two sisters recently decided to move to Texas with their families.  Seriously, what were the chances?!  Safe to say that Beau is open to settling down there, as well.  There goes God’s invisible hand again.

Rejection stings, but I turned that frown upside down because I quickly realized that a pink slip is a gypsy’s best friend… Oh, sweet, sweet FREEDOM!

Side Note: Happy Mother’s Day!

* *On the D.L. legal tip: That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

*Names changed to protect the innocent and infamous.

35 thoughts on “Pink Slipped!

  1. Oh wow! Mocha! I was just about to write to say how happy I was to see your last post after some time and saw this one in my inbox. it really is amazing when the things one dreams of happen sort of unexpectedly. I’m so happy to know that this is not a disaster for you and that you are already prepared to weather this new chapter in your life just fine.

    Speaking of new chapters, about four hours ago I purchased an RV!!!! This is not what I expected to happen today. I am ecstatic and freaked out at the same time. Looks like I’ll be a member of the mobile community much sooner than I had anticipated.

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories. They have encouraged me and now look what has happened! Please keep us updated. Beau, hmmm? Very nice :-).

  2. How fortunate you are! I wish I was collecting unemployment, but I trust the universe will provide. Out shopping for an old conversion van or camper van tomorrow. By months end I plan to be mobile and meander to Michigan for the Aug. 10th birth of my 6th grandchild. Love you blog. Best wishes in Texas.

    • Hi Suzann, I’m glad you love my blog! And yes, the universe will provide. Please let me know how your van shopping goes! Congrats in advance on the newest addition to your family! 🙂

  3. Full-blown Nomadism it is! Congrats! Although I understand that it also sucks to be “let go”. But in this case, they ARE letting you go. You go!!!

    BTW, I wanted to mention that I tried your tip about the Suave shampoo doubling as a body wash. I brought some with me and tried it yesterday – it works great! Thanks for the tip!

    Enjoy your blog. Maybe we’ll meet on the road one day!

    • LOL! And going I will do! I’m glad the Suave shampoo is working great for you, too… YW 🙂 I’m sure we’ll meet up one day soon!

  4. Although it’s the break you probably needed to get it in gear, I think it stinks how this happened!! I don’t like these kind of business practices, but then, I don’t like most business work environments anyhow! What part of Texas? I’m in the Houston area. Summers are dreadfully hot, winters are nice & generally mild. Yes, we get cold, but to you, it would not be too bad. Course, there are parts of Texas that aren’t as humid as Houston is either (we are known as the bayou city, for good reason).
    So long as you have a working a/c, you can make it though.
    It does sound like things will come into play nicely — good luck!

    • It was indeed the break I needed! I understand what you mean about not liking most work environments… too many snakes in the garden for my taste. I’ll be using this time to rid myself of the need for a 9-5 all together. I’m thinking of East Texas, around San Antonio or Austin. Thank you for your well wishes! 😉

      • Oh, Mocha, first off I understand the mixed blessing of a pink slip. Sure you will prevail. Austin and San Antonio are in Central, not East Texas. You may be more interested in some place between the two due to traffic. I live in San Antonio and it is great for traveling with being able to go East, West or North easily within three days.


        • Hi Jacqueline, I just noticed that they are central TX… Good thing I just bought a new GPS system. LOL! I know that I do not want to live directly inside these cities, but it’s my only point of reference right now. I want to be somewhere slower paced, yet close to “civilization”. Like you, I do see the value of being right in the middle of the state.

      • They are central Texas, unless you mean you are also considering East Texas too. I love the hill country of central Texas! I live in the coastal area right now. Lived in & around San Antonio for 5 years. Corpus Christi for 5 years. Been on the coast for many years. Beauty is, you can move your home around!

        • I took another look at the map! LOL I definitely narrowed it down between San Antonio and Austin. You’re right, I can always just up and move! 😉

  5. Oh man, that’s gotta sting even though you thought it might be coming. Not having a house payment is HUGE, though, so it gives you a lot of flexibility. I’m happy that you got the kick in the pants you need to live your dreams! Best of luck to you.

    • It did sting, but only for a moment. Chalk it up to stuff that needed to happen! Thanks for the well wishes 😉

  6. I have been loving your blog and am very inspired by it! Yes, the timing of this lay-off is just too perfect, and your plans are almost magically falling into place.
    Congratulations Mochagypsy


  7. I sure know the feeling of the pink slip. But it worked out for me too.
    Hope your dreams of a move to warmer climes works out well.
    Good Luck!

  8. Hi! So happy the universe has decided to help you pursue your dreams. I wish you much success during your year of travel and adventure. I hope you continue to share your journey with us along the way. So when do you hit the road?


    • Thank you, Sandy! I plan to hit the road in about 2 1/2 weeks, after my cousin’s wedding. I’m keeping busy in the mean time and tying up some loose ends… Getting my van inspected & tuned up, and looking into mailbox services to name a few! 😉

  9. Hi there! I actually just wanted to drop a comment about where to find free parking
    In Virginia Beach. The Virginia Beach convention center which is located half a mile from the ocean front doesn’t charge. You also might be able to park there over night!

    Dan (VA Beach local)

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