Happy National Awkward Moments Day!

I had my voiceover services promoted on this quirky, cool blog. Let’s hope I get some more business my way! 😉

I have moved to alwaysaholiday.com!

my reaction


This blog has thoroughly permeated my life. It’s like a curse that I’ve somehow put on myself to live according to these holidays without even planning. Usually it’s a blessing – like National Chili Day when I happened to have randomly stashed a single can of chili in the cupboard and thus was blessed with an easy dinner – but today it definitely resembles a curse. Last night, I kid you not, I was looking at the holidays coming up before I hit the hay and I thought ‘oh great – let’s see what I do tomorrow to embarrass myself’… I knew I wasn’t going to have to try to have an awkward moment but I thought I would at least have to beef it up a little. Alright, I know – you’re looking at that photo up there thinking ‘what in the world did she actually do?’


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