Happy National Awkward Moments Day!

I had my voiceover services promoted on this quirky, cool blog. Let’s hope I get some more business my way! 😉

4 thoughts on “Happy National Awkward Moments Day!

  1. Mocha, it is great to know you’re still around.  I thought you had fallen off the radar…. Be happy and safe..

      There will only be one of you for all time. Fearlessly be yourself!


    2012 RT170 Versatile San Francisco,CA


  2. Girlfriend! You’ve got the goods so DON’T SELL YOURSELF TOO CHEAP! I can’t emphasize this enough. Your demo is good! People will believe that you’re worth what you charge. You should be charging a MINIMUM of $50 and even that’s cheap! Please tell me that you’re going to raise your rates TODAY! (Sorry for all the caps but I feel very strongly about this.)

    • Hi, Karen! How have you been? I agree with what you’re saying. I recently raised my rates since, but it’s still pretty cheap since that’s the concept of that website. I’ve been more strict with eLance and I’m also looking at other sites that I can offer my services to.

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