About Mocha Gypsy

I’m a gal currently living the nomadic lifestyle.  I chose to simplify my life, live in a RV, and focus on art, spirituality, and connecting with people in a genuine way.  I’m in love with life and I want to bring the relationship to the next level…

54 thoughts on “About Mocha Gypsy

    • Hi Jake, it was a pleasure meeting you, as well! You’ve been so helpful with my winter RVing questions… Thank you! I’ll be around again very soon 🙂

  1. Hi,
    I think you did a beautiful job of picking out your new home, and are handling everything well. I wish I had done as well. I think if i had gotten something similar to yours, I’d still be on the road, as my mini van was just too uncomfortable to live in 24/7. It takes a lot of guts to start out in winter. If you ever need a place to park in ‘Paradise’ while on the road, let me know. Joy

    • Thank you, Joy! Winter camping can be challenging at times, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Btw, I just may take you up on your offer one of these days! 😉

  2. I’m going to start reading your blog tonight (New Years Eve) and am looking forward to another female’s point of view! I’m so glad you posted the link for your blog, as I am living vicariously until we sell our home and hit the road full time!

    • Hello Cheryl, Thanks for following! I try to be as detailed and insightful as possible for those interested in the nomadic lifestyle. Best of luck with your plans!

  3. Hi! Thanks for posting your blog link. I, too, am on the road, although it’s not in a van or RV (I have a 10-foot vintage trailer that I tow with my 1996 Montero) and I’ve been in one place for the last 6 months or so, after road-tripping the west coast for the last 3-1/2 years (long story!) – I’m really looking forward to getting back in the swing of things and hitting the asphalt soon! I’m also looking forward to reading about your adventures – I always enjoy reading another woman’s story. Perhaps one of these days we’ll share a cup of coffee or tea together! Have fun and rock on!

    — Lois

    PS. Love the gypsy wagon!

    • Hi Lois,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I’m always happy to hear from another awesome female RVer! Please keep me posted when you hit the open road again. When all is settled, I’m heading out west. I’ll take you up on your offer for coffee!

  4. M.G. i don’t have any idea how i found your blog (well, yes, …. i was surfing the internet for anything and everything about minimalist living) but i am so glad i found you. It’s hard for me to put into words how very proud of you i am! You are living my own dream, and i wish you all the good luck and blessings in the world. I love your articulate and complete description of your adventure, i feel as though i’m right there with you [i wish!!]. Maybe someday someway my own dream will happen, in the meantime i will be following your every step and cheering you on.

  5. I read your entire blog before deciding to accept your request to join the Coachmen Yahoo group. Your discussion is interesting and I think you will find nothing is impossible when RVing. We have been doing it since 1978.

  6. My (Roadtrek) rig is the Champagne Gypsy since it is the color of a nice champagne. I am not quite full timing but am in it more than in my stix and brix. You write beautifully…should be sure to get on the Women Go Solo group if you haven’t done it yet (only women who travel solo-some full time and others ‘wanna’).

    • I LOVE Roadtreks! The man who had sold me Eunice just inherited a nearly new Roadtrek from his in-laws. Thank you for your compliment about my writing! By the way, I just joined the Women Go Solo group… thanks for that, as well 🙂

  7. Have you thought working at some of the RV parks along the way? I have also seen advertisements for the National Park service openings. Some require a one month commitment

    • Oh yes, definitely! I’ve had a friend or two recommend some good websites. However, that option is on my plan D list because those jobs usually are low paid.

  8. Hey there! Been thinking of you down in Hartford. Hope you weathered the nor’easter! I’m in southern NH and we got 36″. I heard CT got clobbered! Just want you to know you’re in my thoughts, and prayers that you are safe and warm. I grew up in Agawam, MA, not too far from your neck of the woods, and I really admire your courage to do what you’re doing right there in the city. As soon as the house sells we’ll be on the road. Can’t wait!
    Stay safe!

    • Hi Cheryl! We did, indeed, get clobbered! I rented a room at a motor lodge and made out just fine. How are things for you up there? Good luck on the sale of your house… Keep me posted when you hit the road!

      • I’m so glad you were safe and warm throughout the storm! I would have been afraid to weather the storm alone in my van as well. Severe storms aren’t to be messed with! Mother Nature has no mercy.

        I hope things are going well with your plan to leave your job. Despite what others have to say about the matter, you have to make choices that YOU are comfortable with and that you can live with down the road. There are times when we just have to let things “run their course”. When the time is right, you’ll know it. I believe everything happens for a reason.

        Be careful out there!

        Cheryl Depka D’Amico ** mochagypsy commented: “Hi Cheryl! We did, indeed, get clobbered! I rented a room at a motor lodge and made out just fine. How are things for you up there? Good luck on the sale of your house… Keep me posted when you hit the road!”

  9. Hi Mocha,
    I found your website while researching van dwelling on youtube. Very nice blog here and its great you have so many supporters here (it has to be encouraging). You are doing something I hope to be doing in the near future, I have a couple of commitments to deal with before I can venture into this lifestyle, but I will get there. You are one hell of a woman Mocha, be safe and take care….. Jim

    • Hi Jim,
      It is very encouraging to have supporters… They are the ones who have kept me focused thus far. I hope you get to make the jump soon. It’s liberating! 😉

  10. how’s It Going? Watching For New Blogs, but Haven’t Seen Anything For Awhile. Hope All Is Well! Is Winter Over There? It’s Pretty Well Done In Minnesota, But They Do Keep Threatening Snow!

    • Hi Suzanne, All is well and hoping the same for you! Spring is breaking quite slowly up here and I’m working on my latest post as I write this! 😉

  11. Hi Mocha Gypsy,
    I’ll be in your neighborhood tomorrow morning/midday. I’d call but I can’t find your number now! (I really must start a special notebook for special notes…). Please email or call me.

    • Oh no, Karen! I just noticed your comment late last night on my phone and didn’t have access to the Internet until today. I’m at work now and will give you a ring during my break.

  12. MochaGypsy, you are an INSPIRATION! Especially to see another woman of color even having the inclination to full time in an RV…let alone doing it! It is indeed a rarity from what I have seen thus far during my research. I have been seriously contemplating full timing for 3 years now. I transferred with my job and moved from NJ to Chicago during Hurricane Sandy ..couldn’t have planned that if I tried! Since I am still working full time, I have realized that if I am going to do it in a city, a Class B is best…I like the Rialta and the RoadTrek, still looking though. I am going to continue reading your blog, of course, and gleaning all the pearls of wisdom I can from it. Any thoughts suggestions, ideas,etc. that you haven’t put in your blog yet that you could give me, if you have the time, I would greatly appreciate! Thank you so much for this blog…please keep writing!

    • Thanks Kiwi, It’s satisfying to hear that people are learning a lot on my blog. If you’re thinking of full-timing, go for it! I’ll be happy to chat with you one on one if you need any advice.

      • I would absolutely love that…how would I contact you…or do you have access to see my personal email through this site? If so, please drop me a line when you have time and we can catch up and exchange info that way.
        Hope to talk to you soon!

    • Thanks Wally! I have looked for Class Bs to rent in my area, just this weekend in fact! So far no luck…gonna look in areas that are farther away. All I can find is Class As and Cs to rent. Can’t do a Class B test run for city living in one of those..no street parking possible!

  13. Guess who?
    Remember press down, twist, release. Works for more than radiator caps 😉
    Awesome meeting you.


  14. I stumbled onto your blog and I’m glad I did! Enjoyed the several entries I read. It always gives me pride when I see a woman being independent. I’ve been married over 47 years and I too like to maintain my independence within our good marriage. We sold our home over 7 years ago and we live in a motorhome. We love it. I love seeing the country and meeting different people. We are in Arlington, Texas right now. Keep rolling!

    • Hi Sandy, Glad you enjoyed my stories! It’s always good to hear from a fellow RVer! I just started following your blog, as well. 🙂

    • Btw, I’m heading to Texas within the week. I plan on settling there (deciding between San Antonio and Austin).

      • Hi My name is Phyllis (PHYL) we met in Springfield Il and talked a while. If I had known you were in a motor home you could have parked in my drive way and been safe for the night. Thank you for your post card and I hope you get this . If you do you can send me an email and I come by on Tuesdays to get them and I will answer you. I enjoyed meeting you and hope we can share a meal sometime. I wish sometimes I had kept my europa motor home as I did enjoy traveling but my partner didn’t really love it that much. Stay safe and I like the picture of your wagon. Love Light and Prayers for all of us Phyl 8/20/2013

        • Hi Phyl! How have you been? I’m glad you got my post card; it’s from the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa! Thank you for your kindness and invitation… However, I can’t take you up on it because I’m now in Texas. If I return that way again, I’ll be sure to pay you a visit! Blessings and keep in touch. 🙂

  15. I am a French speaking canadian engineering college teacher with 4 kids. During the last few years I have discovered how Freedom can be wonderful. I have bougth a minivan (set it up) and went with my son (the youngest child-17yo) from east coast to west coast twice (during summers).
    Now I am addicted… I am dreaming non-stop to become a full time RVer!
    Isn’t life the best time to take advantage of happiness?
    Thanks for your advices!!!

    • You’re welcome, Louis! “Isn’t life the best time to take advantage of happiness?”… I LOVE your quote! 🙂 Since you have already had a taste of the van dwelling lifestyle AND want more, I say go for it full-time! Please keep me posted 🙂

  16. Hey, I had a great time reading your website. Do you have an email address that I can contact you on? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


    JHouston791 gmail.com

  17. Hey Hadria,
    Girl, I’m so HAPPY to have found your page. I too am a mocha gypsy getting ready to head out in my rv. How exciting to meet another me. I’m a little afraid traveling alone but heck I lived in Asia for several years so I can do this as well.

  18. Would love to see a video with you describing what brought you to Vandwelling? What steps did you take to implement a plan and what was the plan absolute travel or part-time travel?

    Thanks Halo

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