Dearest Rugby


I sold Rugby, my Toyota Yaris yesterday.  Is it possible to miss a car?  I think so because I do.  I had him for four years, since I became single.  Maybe I miss him because like me, he was reliable, versatile, resilient and full of moxie!  Jung would say that since I named and identified him as a male, he represented my animus, the hidden masculine side of a woman.  He may have been onto something.  After having too many brushes with Internet serial daters and damaged, self-absorbed Hamlets, it was Rugby who was the constant masculine force in my life.  I even joked once that we were dating… If only I were that lucky!

Maybe I miss Rugby because selling him represents a closed chapter in my life and the beginning of a new one that is completely unknown.  It was nice to have an imaginary friend, I needed it.  I hope his next girl finds just as much joy.